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#1000 If You Have a Talent For Something Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Through On It

February 25, 2013

1000 Awe-inspiring Things


This is one of those things that’s easier said than done.  In some instances, I believe that most of us are actually scared of success.  That may not make a lot of sense, but I think we hold ourselves back from so many things because we have racked up what I like to call “false starts”.

Think of all the projects you’ve started in the past or things that you said you would come back to. Maybe you’re facing a tough decision. Whatever it is,  it’s time we finish what we’ve started.

Let’s eliminate the false starts in our lives.  If you have a talent or passion for something, don’t let friends, family or even your spouse talk you out of it. Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.


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Maro Onokpise is the founder and Editor of Jobtrakr. He oversees all editorial content. Prior to turning his sights on the job industry, Maro was an Associate Manager for Banana Republic where he was responsible for Operations, HR and Recruiting. In 2010 Maro was featured on the cover of Career Magazine and was also named to Orlando Business Journal's 40 Under 40. Maro Onokpise is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

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4 Comments on “#1000 If You Have a Talent For Something Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Through On It”

  1. Pauline Says:

    I am in agreement. Sometimes when you have multiple talents it may seem you are showing off. So to make others feel comfortable you down play what you are capable of doing, because you want to fit in and not be the one out front.


    • Maro Onokpise Says:

      Great point Pauline. Isn’t it a shame that we have to down play our talents and accomplishments? Its like being in school, and you don’t want to appear too smart because it’ll affect how you are looked at by the “cool” kids.


  2. Genoveva Gonzalez Says:

    Sometimes, people feel shy to show their talents. It could be due to failures in the past or it could be part of their personality. Sometimes is easier to be recognized by others than to verbalize our own talents.


    • Maro Onokpise Says:

      100% agree. It may even be easier to shy away from being recognized by others. Also, I wonder how much of a role handling what comes with success plays?


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