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Jack Dorsey Confirms Limited Duty at Twitter

October 9, 2012


Jack Dorsey Confirms Limited Duty at Twitter

Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey has put out a response via Tumblr that in essence confirmes a New York Times article that came out over the weekend.  Since coming back to Twitter in March of 2011, Dorsey has been working an insane schedule.

Dorsey is splitting his time between between Square and Twitter; he basically works 16 hour days.    I don’t care who you are, you’re not doing yourself  any favors by keeping up that kind of crazy schedule.

You can’t question the influence Dorsey has had on Twitter since Ev Williams and Biz Stone left and what he has done with Square.  He has done an outstanding job running both companies who are operating at the top of their respective games.

With Twitter doing better than ever, he can now focus his time on Square while dedicating Tuesdays to being at Twitter.  Dorsey’s immediate reports have been moved under Twitter CEO Dick Costolo as of January of this year.

The full note from Dorsey is below.

“There was a great profile in the New York Times about Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, which mentioned my work at the company. It’s not a common arrangement, so I’d like to clarify a few points.

In Spring of 2011, Dick asked me to take an operational role overseeing product, design, and brand. Our shared goal was to get those organizations back under him as soon as possible, simply because it was the right thing to do for the company. We moved all of my reports back under him in January of this year after leadership was firmly in place. This allowed me to focus on refining our brand and logo, to work more with Dick and the leadership team on our direction forward, and ultimately return the majority of my time to Square, where I’m CEO. I’m back to going to Twitter on Tuesday afternoons, something I started before taking the interim operational role.

We haven’t talked about this publicly because it’s not what people using Twitter every day care about.

I’m fortunate in life to be a part of two foundational and mission-driven organizations, and I’m always going fight like hell to make them thrive. And they are! Now back to our work.”

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