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Style Tip: Stand Out In a Navy Suit

July 26, 2012


Style Tip: Stand Out In a Navy Suit

The best thing about style and fashion are that there are absolutely no rules.  For that very reason we should be more daring and willing to try different color and fabric combinations.

Deviating from a traditional white shirt and boring tie shows that you not only have personality, but you have confidence enough to pull off a look regardless of what anyone else thinks.  Your look should say f&#$ you and you’re just mad that you couldn’t pull this look off.

Here’s the best way to accessorize your navy suit to a T.  Get yourself a cool pocket square and wear it with pride. But don’t be self conscious about it. Your suit and pocket square just hooked up. It’s a beautiful thing so embrace it.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road gents.  Team a red check buttondown shirt with a plain black tie. Either your shirt or tie should do the shouting. You can never have both doing the shouting because everyone will just end up with a headache.  Finish the look off with a nice matching watch, and you’re all set.

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