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Editor’s Pick: Style Pick: Minotaur Poli-Flex Waterproof 3-Layer Trench Coat

May 5, 2012


Minotaur Poli-Flex Waterproof 3-Layer Trench Coat ($776 USD)

One of the most underrated, yet essential pieces to any man’s wardrobe is a trench coat.  It’s classic, and it helps you keep from looking like a slob when the weather turns ugly.  For Spring/Summer 2012, Minotaur brings us it’s latest offering.  True to the brand’s affinity for water resistant technologies that blend well-executed elements of fashion aesthetics, the exterior shell of the Poli-Flex Trench is treated in a minimalistic, light navy blue construction.  The 3 layer nature of the coat gives way to maximum permeability and breathability.

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Maro Onokpise is the founder and Editor of Jobtrakr. He oversees all editorial content. Prior to turning his sights on the job industry, Maro was an Associate Manager for Banana Republic where he was responsible for Operations, HR and Recruiting. In 2010 Maro was featured on the cover of Career Magazine and was also named to Orlando Business Journal's 40 Under 40. Maro Onokpise is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

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