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Odyssey Flip Face Putter

April 30, 2012


Odyssey Flip Face Putter ($350 USD)

Odyssey Golf recently released the Flip Face putter that gives golfers a choice between a White Ice insert and the company’s new Metal-X face.  A screw holds the head together, which makes changing faces is as easy as using the provided wrench and literally flipping the face over. It’s quick, painless, and the end result is two very nice putters in one.

The White Ice face has been around forever and is a tried and true insert. It’s soft and supple design provides exceptional feel that’s probably best suited for faster, firmer greens. The Metal-X face is brand new and has us very excited. A double layer insert mixes the firm feel of metal, in this case aluminum, with a Urethane inner layer for a softer influence. The effect is reduced skid and better topspin which will help putts hold their line, especially as they begin to slow down.

The full review is available at Gear Patrol.

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One Comment on “Odyssey Flip Face Putter”

  1. Graig Says:

    Matrac Dormeo – Ortopedické matrace, zdravotné matrace,
    penový matrac. Vychutnajte si pokojný, zdravý
    spánok. Akcia matrac : doprava ZADARMO + darček.


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