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Daily Tickr: 3 Things Employers Ask of References

April 10, 2012


“Hey, would you mind if I put you down as reference?”  How many times have you been asked that question or conversely, how many times have you asked that question?  Before you answer yes to be someone’s reference or before you ask someone to be your reference, you should take the time to think about it.  The “references available upon request” that’s a footnote on your resume is a very serious thing.  Your reference is usually the last step in the recruiting process, and is what stands between you and your next job.

What your reference says about you to a hiring manager can carry a lot of weight, but what is equally important is who your reference is.  Most hiring managers would prefer that a reference be a manger or someone else that could speak to the candidates work ethic.  In order for a reference call to be successful, a little bit of preparation is needed on your part.  You need to prepare your references and let them know that they may be receiving a call.  Nothing is worse than getting caught off guard or worse yet, not answering a call from a hiring manager that is on the verge of extending you a job offer. [Source: Aol Jobs]

Once your references are prepped, they will be ready to answer the following questions:

Did he work there and why did they leave?

How did he perform on the job?

What is he like to work with?

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