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Guest Post: 6 “Why The Overqualified Candidate is The One You Should Hire”-isms

March 23, 2012


This is a guest post by Todd Folstad. If you’d like to be a guest writer here on Jobtrakr, we would love to have you.  Just follow these guest writer guidelines

6 “Why The Overqualified Candidate is The One You Should Hire”-isms

In the past year, most recruiters and hiring managers that I’ve spoken with have expressed concern in being able to not only attract, but retain those superstar candidates that are out there.

There’s a huge, untapped pool of talented individuals still available, and with the economy picking back up, these individuals will be gone the minute a better offer comes along.

These circumstances present to us something that we may never see again for quite some time. The amount of “A” players still looking for work is still relatively high. We can’t get caught up in worrying whether or not they’ll leave after we hire them. Who cares? It’s a fact of life that the average worker is now in a position for only 3 – 5 years.

The talented individuals became successful because they took risks. This has to be hard-wired into the recruiting/hiring process. Recruiters however, can’t get caught napping and not ready to fill those openings when they happen.

Highly talented, high performing individuals are available and ready to get to work. Before you consider an individual as being “overqualified”, consider a few things:

  1. These individuals are hustlers ~ they are self-motivated and confident. They can help re-energize morale and improve productivity.
  2. They outperformed their peer group because they have the skills and knowledge to manage through adversity. They are trained for this economy and should be used to help resolve its crisis.
  3. They are not, nor will they ever be, satisfied with being a “sub-par” performer. This is a unique opportunity to step up the level of expected performance within your company.
  4. They will not become bored ~ they will find ways to help you re-invent your business. They can help sift through the inefficiencies in business processes and quickly correct them.
  5. They are extremely well networked ~ an advantage that will be needed in the future.
  6. They will not demand more than the market will bear ~ and they will reap their benefits later. They’ve been there before and know that everything in business is cyclical and WILL turnaround!

Some will argue that you can’t afford to hire them. But can you afford not to? During these tough times, there are no other individuals that you should have on your team and in your trenches than these seasoned veterans. If you’re having doubts, re-read the list above.

Sure you have to weigh out all your options and look at possibly bringing in younger or less experienced talent. However, making an investment today, in a QUALITY product with a proven track record, to secure your talent pool for the future may be the wisest decision you will ever make.

Todd Folstad

Todd Folstad is the owner, lead job coach and résumé specialist atTF-Ink/Lighthouse Publishing. With more than 25 years in the business of helping others in their transitions, he has seen it all and done most of it and can help you find and complete your goals by “Putting The MUSCLE Behind Your Job Search HUSTLE”.

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2 Comments on “Guest Post: 6 “Why The Overqualified Candidate is The One You Should Hire”-isms”

  1. lizmiddlebrook Says:

    I love this! Thanks for writing this! I have 15 years experience in my field and have been told I’m overqualified for positions looking for lesser years experience, so I feel I’ve been overlooked for positions which I can totally do, which has left me unemployed for over a year.


    • Maro Onokpise Says:

      Thanks for your comments and for chiming in. You would think that most employers would love to have someone on their staff with extensive experience. Todd was definitely spot on with this article.


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