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8 Ways to Stand Out and Get Noticed at Work

February 27, 2012


“The people that are making the biggest difference aren’t the ones promoting themselves.”

Every office, every job, every group has the extrovert.  The person that seemingly stands out and rightly or wrongly gets the credit for any work that’s completed.

Introverts typically shy away from any attention.  They are usually good at completing tasks and don’t seek the spotlight.  But not having your work or efforts highlighted could be disastrous to your career.

Although you may an introvert, or someone that just doesn’t crave the spotlight, you can still level the playing field.  The people that are making the biggest difference aren’t the ones promoting themselves.  They have advocates.

Here are few additional keys to standing out.

Let Your Work do The Talking

If you do amazing work, people will sit up and immediately begin to take notice.  Build a reputation on the results you achieve.  It’s hard to argue against success.

Make Sure You Have Fans

Use your ability to build relationships to do so with the individuals that will have an impacting on your career progression.  It’s good to know people in high places.  It’s even better if they’re cheering you on.

Don’t be Afraid to Take Credit for Your Work

I am all about recognizing the team’s efforts, but if you don’t give yourself credit for the work that you did, no one else will.

Focus on One-on-One Connections

We’re huge fans of networking and networking plays a major role in getting you a job. However, the way you move up within your job is by focusing on individual relationships and cultivating one-on-one connections.  The more people you know, the opportunities  you will have access to.

Leverage Social Media

If there’s a person that you would like to connect with, your first approach should be through social media, i.e. LinkedIn.  This gives you the opportunity carefully craft your message.

Be a Good Listener

Introverts are far more likely to be better listeners than their extroverted counterparts. Introverts have the ability to actively listen and process the information they are given.

Excel at Projects That Don’t Require You to be Present

It’s easy to get noticed when everyone is looking at you, but the way to really stand out with those that matter is to work on projects that don’t require face time.  Work on an annual report or put a deck together for a company presentation.  You’ll be viewed as the individual that isn’t afraid to do the grunt work when everyone else is shying away from it.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you are called upon to lead a meeting or presentation, snatch the opportunity. Speaking in front of crowds may not be your cup of tea.  If you take the time to do your research and speak on a subject that you’re passionate about, you will do just fine.  

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2 Comments on “8 Ways to Stand Out and Get Noticed at Work”

  1. aleicgrant Says:

    I plan on using these the second I get a new job :)



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