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Want to Get Hired? You Better Get a Sense of Humor

February 1, 2012


According to a new survey byAccountemps, nearly 79 percent of Chief Operation Officers said that an employee’s sense of humor is important for fitting into the company’s culture.

CFOs were asked, “How important is an employee’s sense of humor in him or her fitting into your company’s corporate culture? 

Their responses:

“Sometimes, a little levity goes a long way toward building rapport among colleagues and diffusing workplace tension,” saidMax Messmer, chairman of Accountemps and author of Managing Your Career For Dummies® (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).

“All work and no play can erode employee morale.” Messmer added, “Job candidates should let their personality shine when meeting prospective employers. The interview is the right time to show hiring managers you are approachable and will be easy to work with.”

I knew we were one to something when I wrote a post last week about treating your next interview like a stand up comic.  People want to work with those that are approachable and can get along well with others.  It almost feels like preschool, but those lessons that we learned then are still as important today in our professional lives.

Leave the juggling act and other props at home when you go for your next interview. Do bring your personality and a couple of well-timed jokes to break up the routine. You’ll be memorable for all of the right reasons.

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