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The Keys to a Strong Job Search

January 25, 2012


This is a guest post by Howie Appel, Executive Director of ProNet Career Resources. If you’d like to be a guest writer here on Jobtrakr, we would love to have you.  Just follow these guest writer guidelines.  

The Keys to a Strong Job Search

What are the components of a strong, proactive job search?  I am asked that many, many times.  There are, of course, many facets to this answer.  They all revolve around one specific set of components.  That is Networking and a high quality resume.

Just what IS Networking?  One of the most well known cliches of prior years is “It’s not what you know, but who you know”.  Well my friends, please join us in the 21st Century.  So very much has changed.  The correct cliche has been amended…..”its not who you know, but who knows you!!”.  When I walk into a networking event today, I rarely have to wear a name tag.  Why?

Perhaps It is because I have networked throughout the Central Florida area and many recognize my face.  I’ve been written up in various media.  I have spoken in front of many groups.  And finally, I have networked!  I run ProNet Career Resources.  What does the “ProNet” mean?  It means Professional Networks.  The name used to be ProNet Central Florida.  The explanation there would be far more meaningful.  When we went non-profit, I was asked to change it to today’s organizational name.

Professionals MUST network.  Whether it be to promote a small business or to promote YOURSELF.  In the 20th Century there was an embarrassing stigma attached to being laid off or being unemployed.  This is no longer the case.  Due to the current economy, networking and pointing out that you are “in transition” is now far more effective.  You must tell people you are looking…..it’s no longer embarrassing.

Finally, your resume is the other component to a strong job search.  The competition is keen and plentiful.  You must present yourself in the very best way possible.  A self written resume is a biased document.  Others know you better than your own self!!  Friends and relatives can help you put together a resume, but the rules have changed so much that they may not be aware of some of the areas that are critical.  The resumes of 2011 and 2012 have got to be “winners”.  They have got to capture the attention of the recruiter far more effectively than ever before.

2012 promises to be a far better year than 2011.  Be prepared and do yourself a major favor, enhance both your networking skills and your resume.  You will be surprised as to who will know you and take you “under their wing”.  You CAN do it.  Remember, if it is to be….it’s up to me….no one else has control over your destiny.

Howie Appel

Howie is the Executive Director of ProNet Career Resources, Inc.  He has been a corporate and agency recruiter for 25 years.  A member of the CFEC Resume Critiquing Team at their Job Fairs, he is also an expert resume writer with a passion for helping succeed in their search for the position they desire..

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