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Bring Swagger Back to the Workplace

January 23, 2012


“Mama, I guess I got my swagger back.”  Words spoken by Sean Carter aka Jay Z.  There are some professions that don’t call for wearing a suit or a shirt and tie.  however if you are in a profession that calls for any of the aforementioned items, nothing says confidence, charisma and swagger like a guy in a nice suit.

If done right, your confidence will be through the roof.   There is a fine line between being confident and being cocky.  Nobody likes a cocky S.O.B.  Strike the appropriate balance and you may be on the way to becoming your manager’s manager.

Here are a few tips to help you bring swagger back to the workplace.

Feet First – A common question is what color shoes to where with a suit.  If you work at a start up or a younger, more cutting edge company, rocking sneakers with a suit is a great look.  At a more conservative office, dress shoes are the way to go.  Navy suit, go with chocolate colored shoes and matching belt.  Regardless of the color of the suit, make sure the belt and shoes match.

Tailored or off the rack – Unless you’re sitting on  a lot of money, buying a tailored suit is probably out of the question.  There are plenty of places to buy off the rack suits that won’t break the bank.  Mens Warehouse and J.C. Penney sell some of the best off the rack suits and won’y break the bank.  You can spend a few extra dollars, and take it to your local dry cleaner to take the sides in a bit to give it that tailored look.

Accessorize – Every accessory should be what I like to call, a “moment”.  An accessory is never overbearing, and completes your look.  A pocket square, tie clip or a classic watch are all “moments” that pull your outfit together.

Mix and Match – Mix up your look.  When it comes to fashion the only rule is that there aren’t any.  Experiment with patterns and different colors.

Keep it slim – Not everyone is going to have the body type to pull off a slim fit suit. The point here is make sure that your suit fits your body.  You want to be able to move in your suit, but it shouldn’t be loose fitting.

A suit is your body’s best friend.  You’ll look leaner and more sophisticated.  Your career will thank you for it.

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