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How to Build a Successful Mobile Recruiting Strategy

December 9, 2011


The companies that are getting ahead and sourcing the best and brightest talent available have embraced mobile as part of their recruiting strategy.  We initially broached the topic of mobile being the future of recruiting last month.  This feels like the time just before Google and Facebook became ubiquitous.  Those that were early adopters were ahead of the game.  Its the feeling of being part of a private party that everyone didn’t get an invitation to.

That party is going on right now, and companies like Pepsi Co have figured it out, while others are still trying to get it right.  Going mobile goes beyond thinking about how a potential candidate uses their mobile device(s).  These devices are an extension of themselves.  Individuals spend countless hours on these devices.  Look at what happened recently with Alec Baldwin, he held up an entire flight so he could finish playing Words with Friends on his iPhone before eventually getting kicked off. So, how do you compete for that mindshare on these devices that are shaping the future?

Understanding smartphone users

Before coming up with an effective mobile recruiting strategy, we have to first understand the demographics and psychology that drives a smartphone user.  Mobile users typically tend to be male, college educated, earn above average  salaries and thus tend to be more passive job seekers.  This stat is quickly changing, but this is a pool of very qualified individuals that recruiters could potentially reach.

The most common keyword searched is “sales” followed by “marketing”, “IT”, and “manager”.  Smartphone users tend to visit mobile career websites 42% more than the actual job board websites.

Going after the untapped mobile market

Below are a few tips for businesses and recruiters that are looking to get into the business of smartphone recruiting.

  • Use your mobile strategy to extend your recruiting brand, don’t reinvent it.  If you work for a traditional and more conservative recruiting house stick with what works, but don’t be afraid to embrace a new idea.  If you appear as trying to be hip, you run the risk of being the creepy old guy in the club.  Smartphone users are savvy and they can spot phonies a mile away.
  • Take advantage of what the phone can do that a computer can’t.  Think FourSquare with check ins.  Leverage the Geo location capabilities of the smartphone to drive qualified candidates to your job openings.
  • Draw people in with captivating videos.  Smartphones contain cameras and screens that are more advanced than their stand alone counterparts.  If you are putting together a “day in the life” video, make sure it pops and make sure it’s done professionally.
  • Avoid the infamous “black hole” stigma.  Smartphone users want instant gratification which is why they have a smartphone.  Respond in a timely fashion or risk losing the candidate to your competitor.

To have an effective mobile strategy, you have to have the buy in and support from your employees as well.  Iron sharpens iron.  Use your social media websites to push out information about the great work employees are doing.  It’s good for retention and in the long run, it will be great for your recruiting business.

If you have any experience with mobile recruiting, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Team Jobtrakr

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