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Give a Veteran 10 Minutes of Your Time

November 22, 2011


As we prepare to depart for the Thanksgiving holiday to spend time with our loved ones and give thanks for the things in our lives we’ve been blessed with. I ask that you take a moment and remember the men and women who cannot be with their families this holiday season, the men and women who are fighting to preserve the freedom we all enjoy.

In today’s environment, many of the veterans that are entering the job market have spent time in resort destinations such as Iraq or Afghanistan and unfortunately some never returned. As they fulfill their duties and look to start fresh outside of the military they are faced with many unknowns. Although excited and nervous, many don’t understand what it takes to create the winning resume or how to translate their many successes defending our country into words that all can comprehend. This has undoubtedly resulted in the 30.4% unemployment rate for young veterans and 16.4% overall. This staggering and unfortunate statistic has prompted President Obama to sign in to law giving tax credits up to $9,600 to businesses that hire disabled and unemployed veterans.

As an unemployed disabled veteran I am part of that statistic and share the frustrations many of my fellow veterans are feeling in the current job market. As veterans we prepare a resume and only hope that what we are trying to convey is received and understood by a potential employer. Most however, never get the opportunity to discuss potential employment as their phone never rings and their email fills with rejections. I, along with many of my fellow veterans, am left with the feeling, if I could only get 10 minutes of their time.

While many veterans have spent months if not years in hostile territories missing things like births of their children, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, 10 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot. As you take that moment to remember and honor the men and women who cannot be with their families this holiday season, I ask that when you return to your jobs and you get that resume from a veteran, set aside 10 minutes to talk with them. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what they have to offer and they just may be one of the best hires you have ever made.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, from my family to yours……………Chris Burgess

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About Chris Burgess

Chris Burgess has 15 years of diverse Federal Acquisition/Military experience from acquisition policy initiation and reviews, program management and planning, program controls, and operations. Chris served for 13 years with the United States Air Force before separating in April of 2008. While on active duty he served on both the enlisted and officer side. During his enlisted time Chris served as a healthcare professional for 5 ½ years working in several areas of the hospital to include: Emergency Room, Inpatient Ward, Post Operation, and, Pediatrics. During this time he pursued his BA in Organizational Management from Warner University which resulted in Chris’ selection to attend Officer Training School (OTS). Upon completion of OTS he became a Logistics Readiness Officer serving in various functions to include: Planning, Project/Program Management, Fuels Management, and Aerial Port Management. During his free time Chris completed an MBA from TUI University. While on active duty Chris taught several classes on both the enlisted and officer side and fell in love with that aspect of his career. That passion created a goal and motivated him to pursue educating at the collegiate level. Chris is currently a part time adjunct instructor for the University of Phoenix where he has taught over a thousand students on the topic of Cultural Diversity. After separating from the Air Force Chris became a Project Manager with L-3 Communications supporting the USMC. His first undertaking was a $31 Million initiative that allowed him to build realistic third world country villages for our young men and women to train in before heading over to hostile territories. Chris was then given the opportunity to oversee the Operator Driver Simulator program that provided the USMC with the ability to quickly and efficiently train student drivers on a multitude of platforms in a simulated environment saving millions of dollars in vehicle and fuel costs. Finally, Chris was promoted and named the Program Manager for the Family of Egress Trainers, a $156M program consisting of seven separate projects that allowed the USMC to train life saving evacuation techniques in a realistic controlled environment while in air, ground, and sea scenarios. After resigning from L-3 Communications Chris went on to get his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and is a current member of the Project Management Institute. Chris is committed to his family and is an active member in the community. In addition to the Project Management Institute, Chris is a member of the Military Officers Association of America and the Disabled American Veteran’s Organization.

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