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5 Signs You Aced The Interview

November 18, 2011


You’ve just come back from your interview and if you’re doing what we recommend, you are replaying the interview back in your head, going over high points and low points and also reviewing your notes from the interview.  After going through your post interview exercise, you may still be wondering if you actually did well on the interview.  Even if you blew the interview out of the water, some interviewers are trained to keep their poker face.  So how do you know if you did well?  The following indicators will give you an idea as to how well you did.

1. The interviewer gives you a clear timeline for when a decision is expected, rather than being vague or noncommittal. When I’m interested, I make sure the candidate leaves knowing exactly what will happen next and when to expect to hear from me.  Before you leave the interview, always ask for next steps.  If they are clear and concise this is a good sign.  If they are ambivalent, then you may need to work a little harder to convince them on subsequent conversations.

2.  The interviewer asks about your timeline.  Especially if they are interested in you and anticipate making you an offer.  They know you have multiple irons in the fire.  They don’t want to run the risk of you getting snatched up by someone else.  If they are really interested in you, they’ll ask you if they can speed things up.

3.  The interviewer spends a lot of time answering your questions When an interviewer is interested, the conversations are more in the depth and they want to make sure they get all of your questions answered.

4.  The interview runs over the allotted time. If they are not interested, they will look for ways to wrap the interview up as quickly as possible not drag it out.  So if the opposite happens to you, this is a great sign.

5.  After you’re done, the interviewer introduces you to others or shows you around the office.  If the interviewer does not plan to move forward with you, they’re not going to waste your time or anyone else’s.

Even if you see some or all of these signs, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels.  Close the deal.  That means firing off thank you emails to everyone you met that day and doing your homework so that you are prepared for the next set of interviews.  Nothing is final until you receive that offer letter.

For more tips, read our guide to following up after the interview

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