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What Job Seekers Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

November 15, 2011


We tried to stay away blogging about Kim Kardashian or the circus that surrounds her life.  There are hundreds of websites out there dedicated to covering her every move.  Which got us to thinking.

We have no problem with someone making an honest living doing an honest days work.  What we do take issue with is the fact that we as a society were snowed in by this sham of a marriage.

Kris Humphries was probably the only one that didn’t see this coming. The poor guy was photo-shopped out of his own wedding photos.   Reportadly the ex Mrs. Humpries pocketed close to $17 million.  Not bad for 72 days worth of work.  We don’t claim to be math experts here, but if our math is correct she basically made $236,000 per day.

Just to be clear, we are not hating on what took place. Rather what we are going to attempt to do is show you how job seekers can learn from the “reality t.v.” star to tip the scales in your favor and have others playing by your rules.

One of the first things that we need to understand is that every move is a calculated money making move. Have you ever noticed that most big events are timed with the launch of a movie, a clothing line or an album?  Kim Kardahsian has millions of twitter followers.  When news broke of her divorce, she didn’t tweet about the divorce.  She promoted a new store opening.  It’s her world and everyone is just living in it.

As a job seeker, every move you make has to be a calculated move to get you closer to a job opportunity or making a connection within an organization that you’re interested in.  This isn’t to say you have to be disingenuous with your actions. Network with a purpose.  Surround yourself with those that can help you achieve your goals and in turn help them to achieve theirs.

Be memorable.  Everything Kim K does, for better or worse is memorable.  It doesn’t matter who she’s dating or what she’s doing she is always memorable.  Being good looking does help, but you have to find a way to make sure that a potential employer will remember you. Find ways to stay top of mind with recruiters.  As job opportunities become available, it’s you they will remember.

The point is that you have to always be marketing yourself and be ready to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented to you.  The Kardashians are a marketing and money making machine.  Some may not agree with their tactics, but we could all use a lesson in marketing 101 from the Kardashians.


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