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Stay Motivated Throughout Your Job Search

October 25, 2011


Working out is no different than looking for a job.  There are days that are more difficult than others, and it could take weeks to find out what strategies work best for you.  If you don’t see results as quickly as you would have hoped, you may be more inclined to give up.  As in setting fitness goals, getting discouraged is the last thing that you want when you are searching for a job.  Giving off the wrong tone during a phone interview may eliminate you before you even get a chance to let your personality shine.   Here are a few tips to keep you motivated.

Reward Yourself

While the ultimate reward for your job search is landing that new job, it is important to reward yourself along the way and celebrate the small victories.  A movie night out, or happy hour with friends is a great way to unwind and get your mind off of your job search.  It’s important to give yourself something to look forward to each week.

Get a Buddy

We all know the best way to achieve results in the gym is to get a workout partner.  Someone that keeps you motivated and holds you accountable for your progress.  The same holds true when searching for a job.  Find someone that you can trust that will hold you accountable for your job search.  Someone that is objective and that will check in on you to see how things are progressing. The best accountability partners are those that have a goal of their own that they are trying to achieve.

Create an Environment Conducive to Your Work Style

Chances are that you will be spending most of your time job searching in one place.  Sometimes you have to change things up a bit.  Move things around.  Create a space that puts you in “work mode”.  This will help to eliminate any unnecessary distractions.

Staying motivated is a difficult task, but little tips like getting an accountability partner as we mentioned above is huge.  There may be days you don’t feel like doing anything, but your partner will help you to stay on track to achieve your goals.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be someone’s accountability partner in the future.

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