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What Lady Gaga Is Teaching Us About Marketing

October 11, 2011


Before you completely disown us, we just ask that you give us a few minutes to  make our case for why Lady Gaga is one of the greatest marketers of our time and what we can learn from her.  Putting whatever feelings you have about Lady Gaga aside for a moment, there is no denying that what she has done with marketing is nothing short of remarkable.  She sells out shows wherever she goes, thousands of fans wait in line just to get a glimpse of her and she made Forbes list of Most Powerful Women for crying out loud.  In the last several months, she has inked deals with Google, Zynga, Gilt and is also a silent backer in a number of Silicon Valley projects. These are major players, and the Gaga is right in the middle of it.   Lady Gaga is arguably one of the best in the business and can teach us a lot about marketing:

1.  Be unique.  She created a persona that was hers and hers alone. She owns it. You can’t just think outside the box, you have to expand the box!

2.  Be memorable Everything Lady Gaga does is memorable.  Her various outfits and hairstyles are memorable.  Whether they are liked is another story.  The day after any award show that she was a part of, most of the news outlets are commenting on what she wore. It doesn’t matter if it was the best outfit of the night, it’s the one people are talking about the next day.

3.  Be real. Anyone that has attended a Lady Gaga concert or seen any of her performances knows exactly what they are getting.  They are in for an absolute show!  You’re not just getting a performance, you’re getting an experience that can’t be rivaled.  You can’t deliver on an experience by cheapening it.  Give it your best each and every time.  You owe that to your audience/customers.

4.  Be open.  Let customers take your brand on and give it a life of its own and support the efforts to do so.  Lady Gaga has an incredible following, and her fans are affectionately known as Little Monsters.  She is equally fanatical about her followers and owes all of her success to her fans.  The pop star got a tattoo with the words “Little Monsters” on the same arm that she holds the mic with.  We’re not advocating you go out and start getting tattoos, what we are saying is go out on a limb for your customers.  Show them that you’re invested in them as much as they are in you.

5. Be great. This may be the most important of these 5 elements, especially if you want longevity in anything that you do.  If you pull off all of the other things, it won’t matter if you lack the skills and the ability to put it all together.

To round out the list, “keep ‘em talking” .  The quickest way to be forgotten is if people stop talking about your brand or business.  Find ways to stay top of mind with your customers.  It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page or hire so called “Social Media Experts”.  You have to be engaged with your audience.  Low tech, high touch  goes a long way in this case.

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